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Retail Management: Marketing and Brand Management

Learn how to market your store and manage your brand effectively with this free online course in retail marketing.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online brand management training course will teach you the importance of brand management and retail marketing effectively. Learn how to create an attractive and cohesive brand while making your store extra visible to your target market using our specific guide. Whether you are just beginning your retail marketing career, or a manager looking to give your brand a boost, learn valuable retail marketing skills to help you in your future.
Retail Management: Marketing and Brand Management
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    1.5-3 Hours
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First, you will be introduced to the concept of trends, and how they influence consumers and retail marketing stores of all kinds. You will learn how to target customers using these retail marketing trends, and how to communicate using different conversational tools depending on the situation. You will learn how to handle the issue of unhappy customers in retail marketing, and how to balance your customer relationships with the need to keep the store running as efficiently as possible.

Next, you will learn about the concept of multiple channels and how they can help you to sell your products with a wider reach. You will be guided through the concept of retail marketing and how to use it most effectively in each specific sales channel. You will be shown how retail marketing relates to the budget, and how to get the most out of the budget that you have available.

Finally, you will learn about brand management and retail marketing, and will be able to explain the difference between branding and retail marketing. You will be taken through the best ways to develop your brand management, and the resources available to you. This retail marketing course focuses on how you present your store and your products to your target market, and how to utilise retail marketing, multiple channels and trends to advance and promote your brand. Whether you are looking for a fresh angle on your brand management or just starting out, this is the retail marketing course for you, so start learning today.

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