Retail Management - Merchandising, Distribution and Marketing

Learn about merchandise displays, marketing, and inventory planning with this free online retail management course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online Retail Management course teaches you about essential and non-obvious faucets of being a successful retailer, such as effective marketing, merchandising, and distribution. This course will teach you about how to rack up sales in a retail environment, starting with effective pricing, to increasing footfall, to ensuring the effectiveness of your in-store marketing. Start this free online course today to sure up your sales today.
Retail Management - Merchandising, Distribution and Marketing
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This free online merchandise management course will first introduce you to retail merchandising and what it entails. You will learn the different methods for determining price points as well as cover the MSRP or manufacturer suggested retail price. You will then study visual merchandising, the principles of design, and how to design a display, which is essential for attracting customers. The course will also teach you about the flow of goods and services.

You will then learn the meaning of retail marketing and study the four aspects of the retail marketing mix, also known as the 4 Ps. This retail marketing course will also cover the linear communication model as well as the four important characteristics of communication tools in retailing. You will then study merchandise planning, which can help you calculate how much stock to buy, inventory management, and assortment planning.   

Attracting customers to your retail store is much easier once you study and understand the different aspects of retail merchandising and marketing. This course will guide you through the valuable retail knowledge you need for immediately boosting your retail setup. So, whether you are a business owner or a retail store manager, taking this course will reap you a lot of rewards. Have a look at the course, and start investing in your future, today.

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