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Introduction to Computer Network Security

Learn about the fundamentals of high-level security within a computer secure network.

Publisher: Channel 9
This free online course in computer network security covers the different types of network security that safeguard your home or business. Security is vital in computing, whether you're an individual home computer user, a small start-up business, or a multinational corporation. This course will teach about the core principles and concepts of a security network, ranging from appropriate password creation to complex network security principles.
Introduction to Computer Network Security
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Security in your computer network is of vital importance and this course, "Introduction to Computer Network Security", will introduce you to the core principles of security and physical access security. You will learn about the different authentication processes in your system. You will learn about user rights and permissions. You will learn about tracking users in the system, and about creating proper passwords and common attacks used by hackers to get your passwords.

The computer networks security course starts off by introducing you to the core principles of computer network security. You will learn about privilege levels and what the attack surfaces involve. You will learn about social engineering and people gaining unauthorized access control to the system through that. The course teaches you about the four parts of risk management, and about physical security as the first line of defense. You will also learn about the different layers of physical security.

In the next part, the course reviews authentication. You will learn about the different methods of authentication, and setting rights and permissions for users. You will also learn about sharing folders and files. You will learn about tracking users with auditing and about encrypting your data.

Finally, the course reviews issues around password security. You will learn about common password attacks, what a keylogger and sniffers are, and how to create complex passwords that increase information security. The course also covers how to set up an account lockout for when a user incorrectly attempts to login into your system.

This course is great opportunity for IT specialists, computing students, computer network traffic engineers, and anyone who wishes to learn more about both network and wireless security in computing.

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