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Computer Networking - Local Area Networks and the OSI Model

Learn about Local Area Networks (LAN) and the seven layers of the networking OSI Model with this free online course.

Publisher: Channel 9
This free online local area network course will give you an in-depth look at Local Area Networks and the OSI Model. Local area networks (LAN) are computer networks that range in size from a few computers in a single office to hundreds of devices across several buildings. With this course, learn about Local area network key features such as how they link computers together and provide shared access to printers, file servers, and other services.
Computer Networking - Local Area Networks and the OSI Model
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This course will first give you an overview of the Local Area Network (LAN) and how a computer network interconnects computers within a limited area. The Local area network course will then discuss important network terminologies to help you better understand the components that are required to get computers and other types of hardware to communicate with each other. You will also study Serial Data Transfer and IP Addresses as well as the different types of networks and computing.

You will then look into the Open Systems Interconnection OSI model and how its layers determine the movement and consumption of network traffic. The Local area network course will discuss the Physical Layer or Layer 1, the Data Link Layer (DLL) or Layer 2, the Network Layer or Layer 3, the Transport Layer or Layer 4, the Session Layer or Layer 5, the Presentation Layer or Layer 6, and Application Layer or Layer 7, along with their functions.

A local area network (LAN) helps businesses, schools, and other organizations conduct their daily operations smoothly and securely. Setting up a reliable local area network will not only benefit you and your employees but also your customers and business partners. This online course in local area network and security is designed to give you a strong grasp of the structure and function of local area network LAN and the OSI model, so check out the LAN course today and start bringing your professional skills to the next level.

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