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Computer Networking - Wired and Wireless Networks and Protocols

Learn the structure and function of wired and wireless networks and their protocols with this free computer course.

Publisher: Channel 9
This free online course in Computer Networking introduces you to the basic structure and features of both wired and wireless networks and their protocols. Computer networking has become an indispensable part of both our personal lives and our business operations, which makes understand computer networks a very valuable asset in modern life. This free online course will teach you the ins and outs of computer networking for any application.
Computer Networking - Wired and Wireless Networks and Protocols
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The course begins by introducing you to networking fundamentals. This will give you a better understanding of what wired and wireless networks are about. You will first learn the basics of both networks' media, protocols, standards, and concepts. The course will then tackle cabling systems for wired networks, in particular, the twisted-pair cables. cables and signaling, and other types of cable. The course will then discuss Internet Protocol(IP) addresses in detail, including IP Ranges. You will look into the difference between the Internet Protocol V4 and Internet Protocol V6.

The course will then teach you about the role of the Default gateway and DNS server in networking. You will also learn how to implement TCP/IP in the Command Line as well as discover and see TCP/IP tools used to manage and troubleshoot networks. Basic TCP/IP tools such as command prompt, ipconfig, and ping will also be taught and demonstrated. The course will also describe and demonstrate the function of advanced TCP/IP tools such as Netstat, Pathping, Nslookup, Telnet, NbtStat, and Netsh.

Wired and Wireless network connections both have their advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these can make a big difference to your networks in terms of reliability and stability, speed, security, installation, maintenance, and cost. This free online Computer Networking - Wired and Wireless Networks and Protocols course will give you a better knowledge of the structure and function of both network connections. So, check out the course, and gain a better understanding of computer networking, today.

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