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Free Online Engineering Courses

You wouldn’t be sitting in front of a computer, on a chair, at a desk and be connected to the internet without engineering. Engineering is human ingenuity made tangible – even a simple glass of tap water is the result of engineering. All cultures across human history have embraced engineering as a way of surviving in the natural world. It may be broadly defined as, ‘the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures and other items’. As we develop more and more technology, new engineering disciplines come into being: engineers work in the fields of aerospace, automotives, biomedicine, chemistry, civil infrastructure, computers, electrics, the environment, industry, marine studies, mechanics and petroleum.

Free Mechanical Engineering Courses

As a qualified mechanical engineer, you will be in charge of designing, constructing, installing and maintaining the myriad machines and systems that occur in the modern world. These include gas and steam turbines, electric generators, refrigeration and air-conditioning units, and even escalators, lifts and automatic doors. You can choose to specialize within this very wide field to a limited type of machinery, and then further to do only design, research, construction or maintenance.

Our free mechanical engineering courses cover from the basics of internal combustion engines to the complexities of hydroelectric power plants; from marine diesel engines to soft matter materials. We’ve worked with top publishers to create interesting materials on the design of electric vehicle batteries to advanced principles of robotics. No matter what part of mechanical engineering you’re interested in, we are likely to have a free course that will appeal to you and help you further your engineering studies.

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Free Quality Control Courses

Being a quality control (or quality assurance) engineer is one of the most important jobs because they are responsible for ensuring new products meet safety standards. They apply rigorous tests for durability, functionality and reliability, and draft and implement the procedures that must be applied to ensure products do not fail. QC or QA must occur from the first step of production: you will test raw materials against scientific standards, subject prototypes to extreme conditions to see how they perform and, most importantly, raise the alarm if you find any defects. This means you must have high ethical standards as hiding issues could lead to death or environmental devastation.

To see if quality control is the right field for you, take our short introductory course that covers the basics of this important role. If it is, you can begin understanding TQM or ‘total quality management’ where you constantly look to eliminate errors in the production line to ultimately improve both supply and customer satisfaction. QCC or quality control circles is another vital element that our courses cover.

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Free Industrial Engineering Courses

Do you love systems? Do you enjoy everything in its place and running smoothly? Are you methodical with an eye for detail and a natural ability to organize complex operations? If so, industrial engineering (or IE) may be the right path for you. It is defined as being, ‘concerned with the optimization of complex processes, systems or organizations by developing, improving and implementing integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information and equipment’.

As an industrial engineer, you will be tasked with finding the best ways to bring together workers, machines, raw materials and other components. To do this, you need to understand how the system currently works and, ideally, find ways to make it more efficient, safer, cheaper, faster and greener. Our free courses start with the basic principles of IE before moving onto advanced diplomas. Then there are specialist courses, which are important to give you the knowledge you need to make changes to industrial systems, such as where to locate a plant and what you should bear in mind when designing one.

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Featured Engineering Course Publishers

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SM Waqas Imam

SM Waqas Imam is a qualified industrial engineer and is accredited by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA). His experience of over a decade includes time with TS Quality & Engineering, which offers high-level consulting on medical devices, and QSA Surgical, which is based in Pakistan and specializes in surgical and dental instruments. At QSA Surgical, he served as the quality assurance (QA) and regulatory affairs manager. Waqas Imam has also managed the requirements for CE marking (an administrative marking that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area), European Union directives and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) standard for his employers.

This wealth of knowledge and experience means he is well placed to deliver free courses on ISO (International Organization for Standardization) as it pertains to various disciplines within engineering, including quality control, the automotive industry, energy management and medical devices.


saVRee is an engineering firm based in Munich, Germany that specializes in creating interactive 3D models and animation showing the inner workings of items connected to the product, technical and industrial fields. They cover elements of engineering for power generation, oil and gas extraction, the automotive industry and electrical products.

We have teamed up with saVRee to bring you courses that will show cross-sectional views, and the assembly and disassembly of a variety of machines, including internal combustion engines, control valves, diesel engines, boilers, heat exchangers and bearings. There is also an introduction to hydroelectric power plants, an important part of developing sustainable and green energy solutions. Through video lessons, you will learn how parts work, how to operate them safely and reliably, how to maintain them expertly, and how to follow procedures correctly. If you are interested in studying engineering but cannot access engines and other machinery in real life, then 3D animations and models will give you an excellent theoretical grounding.

American Digital University Services

American Digital University (ADU) Services was created as a way of delivering supplemental courses to mathematics and maritime studies students. Today, you can access their courses for free on Alison to boost your knowledge and extend your qualifications. ADU Services believes in an experiential approach to learning, meaning study material has sample problems for you to solve, animated videos and detailed illustrations. Courses are designed to be high-quality, relevant and accessible online learning experiences.

Maritime engineering is a highly specialized and important field as the vast majority of the global supply chain depends on efficient shipping. ADU’s courses cover crucial parts of this field, including overviews of marine diesel engines, marine refrigeration and climate control, and cargo refrigeration plant systems. You can also delve into courses on gas turbines, oil in air-conditioning systems, marine boilers, and four-stroke and auxiliary engines to cover all aspects of marine engineering.

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