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You wouldn’t be sitting in front of a computer, on a chair, at a desk and be connected to the internet without engineering. Engineering is human ingenuity made tangible – even a simple glass of tap water is the result of engineering. All cultures across human history have embraced engineering as a way of surviving in the natural world. It may be broadly defined as, ‘the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures and other items’. As we develop more and more technology, new engineering disciplines come into being: engineers work in the fields of aerospace, automotives, biomedicine, chemistry, civil infrastructure, computers, electrics, the environment, marine studies, mechanics and petroleum. Our free engineering courses are a springboard to a fulfilling career in this exciting and multi-faceted field.

Top Free Online Ingegneria Courses

Study Electrical Engineering for Free

The invention of electricity changed our lives forever. Suddenly we could stay up after dark, create powerful tools for industry and medicine, and revolutionize how we communicate, eat, play and work. Almost nothing in our modern lives is untouched by the power of an electrical current.

Electrical engineers, according to Wikipedia, are responsible for 'the study, design, and application of equipment, devices, and systems which use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism'. We have a wide choice of electrical engineering courses that start with the basics of understanding circuits to doing accurate technical drawings. All courses come with optional certification to show you have a sound understanding of the theory surrounding this important field in engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Courses

As a qualified mechanical engineer, you will be in charge of designing, constructing, installing and maintaining the myriad machines and systems that occur in the modern world. These include gas and steam turbines, electric generators, refrigeration and air-conditioning units, and even escalators, lifts and automatic doors. You can choose to specialize, within this very wide field, in a limited type of machinery, and then further to do only design, research, construction or maintenance.

Our free mechanical engineering courses cover everything from the basics of internal combustion engines to the complexities of hydroelectric power plants; from marine diesel engines to soft matter materials. We’ve worked with top publishers to create interesting courses on everything from the design of electric vehicle batteries to advanced principles of robotics. No matter what part of mechanical engineering you’re interested in, we are likely to have a free course that will appeal to you and help you further your engineering studies.




Quality Assurance and ISO Certification

Being a quality control (or quality assurance) engineer is one of the most important jobs because they are responsible for ensuring new products meet safety standards. They apply rigorous tests for durability, functionality and reliability, and draft and implement the procedures that must be applied to ensure products do not fail. QC or QA must occur from the first step of production: you will test raw materials against scientific standards, subject prototypes to extreme conditions to see how they perform and, most importantly, raise the alarm if you find any defects. This means you must have high ethical standards as hiding issues could lead to death or environmental devastation.

To see if quality control is the right field for you, take our short introductory course that covers the basics of this important role. If it is, you can begin understanding TQM or ‘total quality management’ where you constantly look to eliminate errors in the production line to ultimately improve both supply and customer satisfaction. QCC or quality control circles is another vital element that our courses cover. We also offer thorough modules on the principles and requirements of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) from veteran experts with years of experience in quality management.

Study Industrial Engineering

Do you love systems? Do you enjoy everything in its place and running smoothly? Are you methodical with an eye for detail and a natural ability to organize complex operations? If so, industrial engineering (or IE) may be the right path for you. It is defined as being, ‘concerned with the optimization of complex processes, systems or organizations by developing, improving and implementing integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information and equipment’.

As an industrial engineer, you will be tasked with finding the best ways to bring together workers, machines, raw materials and other components. To do this, you need to understand how the system currently works and, ideally, find ways to make it more efficient, safer, cheaper, faster and greener. Our free courses start with the basic principles of IE before moving onto advanced diplomas. Then there are specialist courses, which are important to give you the knowledge you need to make changes to industrial systems, such as where to locate a plant and what you should bear in mind when designing one.

Health and Safety

Health and safety must be foremost on every engineer's mind, especially if you are leading a team on a construction site. By the very nature of your work, you are dealing with powerful electrical currents, potentially toxic chemicals, laboratories full of dangerous tools and building sites stacked with hazards. Just one momentary lack of concentration can lead to a life-changing accident. It is crucial to have a sound understanding of health and safety best practices to keep yourself and your colleagues protected.

Marine Engineering Studies

Marine engineering is an incredibly important field as so much of the world's transport logistics lie in the smooth passage of goods across the oceans. If a cargo ship breaks down at sea, repairing it is costly so maintenance is key. If refrigerated containers don't function correctly, foodstuffs can be spoiled. In addition to this, an oil spillage can devastate fragile marine ecosystems. Marine engineers need to understand the special demands that shipping places on vessels like corrosion from saltwater. If marine engineering interests you, sign up for our raft of free courses and get started in a career that is lucrative, adventurous and fulfilling.

Chemical Engineering Education

Chemical engineers help take raw materials through a production process at an industrial plant or factory. To do this effectively, they need to understand the key properties of chemical elements in different phases such as solid, liquid and gas. They also need to understand how these elements interact with each other, how they handle heat or cold and whether they are toxic in any state. All of this knowledge is used to help convert raw materials into products we use every day such as plastics, glass, toiletries, petrochemicals and more. Alison not only has advanced chemistry courses - we also have free AP (Advanced Placement) and CLEP (College Level Examination Program) chemistry courses if you are in high school or college (or if you need a refresher or even to start understanding chemistry from scratch).

Free Mechatronics Courses

What if you love most branches of engineering so much that you find it hard to choose one to specialize in? Good news! Mechatronics - which is also known as mechatronics engineering - is a combination of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering. Alison's free courses will show you what mechatronics involves. People with qualifications in this area of engineering are in demand by companies that want to produce new products because they have a good understanding of how different aspects of technology work together. If you enjoy innovation, consider studying mechatronics with us. All you need to do is register for your free account and enrol in as many courses as you like.

Robotics Engineering for Free

Robots have come out of the movies and into our lives. No, your car won't suddenly morph into a robot, but they are found in everything from transportation (think drone delivery service) and household cleaning (an automated vacuum cleaner) to manufacturing (car assembly lines) and security (high-tech surveillance). Robotics engineering is the way of the future as we develop robots to help us with dangerous, difficult or tedious everyday tasks. We have gathered a collection of robotics courses that will introduce you to this fascinating field of engineering.

Become a Transport Engineer

One of the biggest changes to human existence is the speed of transport. Crossing oceans used to take weeks; now, it takes hours. Cities are finding ways of moving people and goods in a manner that is safer, cheaper and more efficient. This is why the work of transport engineers is so important. Many schools, businesses, hospitals and factories depend on functional transportation systems. A further challenge that is becoming ever more important is to make these systems as environmentally friendly as possible. At Alison, you can sign up for free transport engineering courses that explain everything from multimodal hubs to a specialist look at transport systems found in the United Kingdom.

Study River Engineering

Water is a requirement for life and rivers are the lifeblood of many communities and economies. Rivers like the Thames, Nile, Yangtze and Hudson are all crucial for human existence. But rivers also support precious ecosystems that we must preserve to maintain Earth's biodiversity. How do you dam up a river for a hydroelectric power plant while not destroying the surrounding ecosystem? How do you preserve a river's health for the farmers who depend on it? Can you change a river's course without major consequences? These are all questions that river engineers have to grapple with.

Free Automotive Engineering Courses

Planes, trains and automobiles... vehicles take a lot of different forms. As an automotive engineer, you will study and improve vehicles of all kinds, making them safer, more efficient, greener, cheaper and faster. Our focus is on free courses around electric vehicles because they are the way of the future. Alison's automotive engineering modules will give you an insight into what this important field really entails.

Become a Biomedical Engineer

Biomedicine is where biology, engineering and medicine meet. Biomedical engineers find new ways of using technology to improve health and make healthcare better. This could be by making surgical instruments more precise, developing advanced diagnostic machinery like X-rays or CAT scans or training medical staff on how to use new technology. The work you do here could literally save a life. If this is a career path that interests you, simply create your Alison account, select your course and enrol in it - all at absolutely no charge whatsoever.

Study Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers work with aeroplanes and spaceships. And while Alison doesn't have any courses on how to design spacecraft (yet!), we do have plenty of free courses connected to the design, configuration and layout of aircraft. This discipline relies on understanding how to balance passenger and cargo weight with comfort and safety while considering fuel usage. If flight fascinates you, consider enrolling in our specialist aircraft engineering courses today.

Learn about Civil Engineering

Civil engineers take care of roads, dams, bridges, airports, sewers, pipelines, railways - in fact, everything known as 'infrastructure'. These structures make our lives easier by channeling water and waste, facilitating transport and bringing gas or electricity. Before a new building can be constructed, civil engineers figure out how it will be connected to existing sewage lines, water pipes and electrical pylons. They are involved in the creation of everything from shopping malls to new ports. If your country is investing in its infrastructure, consider studying civil engineering so you will not only always have a job but you will also be able to design important structures for your fellow citizens.

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