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Diploma in Leadership and Management Styles

In this free online course, study management and leadership principles and how to apply them in business management.

Publisher: Human & Emotion
Are you in management? Do you want to take your career in management to the next level? This leadership certificate will teach you how to be an effective manager and how to be a good leader. The content provides you with an opportunity to understand and manage yourself and grow as a professional, sharpen your leadership and management skills, increase the efficiency of your organization, and make a difference in your life and the lives of others.
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A manager can successfully direct others within an organization, but a leader can inspire them. While these two skills are interconnected, leadership and management are not the same. This management training course will teach you the necessary techniques to not only be a successful manager but a good leader, a skill that is essential in the workplace, at home, and in every stage of your life. You will start this course by recognizing what human leadership is. However, before you learn how to lead and manage others, it is essential to manage yourself. This section will help you analyze the self-leadership theory and apply its principles to get to know yourself. Do you want to discover what type of leader you are? This leadership training course will help you understand what is essential to you, teach you to pinpoint and accept your strengths and weaknesses, help you take control of your emotions, and grow as an individual. You will then take a self-assessment task that will enable you to determine your leadership style.

Effective communication is an essential skill for anyone who is in a management or leadership position. Learn how to communicate efficiently and identify possible communication barriers that could hinder communication within your team. Learn what makes a successful team and the different stages of team development. Typically, conflict is an inevitable part of human nature, and when people work together, there are bound to be issues that need attention. The content covers conflict management and how to resolve conflict constructively. Different conflict management styles will be explained as well as when and how to apply each different style depending on the situation. As a leader, you need to help people grow and learn, not merely direct individuals or tell them what to do. This leadership certification will introduce you to mentor leadership, the art of leading a team through the effective mentorship of its members, contributing to each team member’s personal and professional growth.

You will study The Goleman Theory of Situational Leadership, which states how our behaviour should change to adapt to each situation. The principles found in this theory apply to those in leadership and those in subordinate positions who can benefit from using its principles. Now, you have probably heard about Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, well-known leaders who made a significant impact on the world. They were what we now call “servant leaders”, leaders that put the needs of others ahead of their own. Your learning includes discovering what exactly servant leadership principles are along with its many benefits, before moving on to the importance of emotional intelligence and how to develop it. It is human nature to react to events in our life emotionally. Although employees are not machines, learning how to manage human emotion will make you an exceptional leader. The last section of the course studies change management, a model that deals with managing human thinking and emotion when dealing with change. If you want to refine your leadership and management skills if you are currently a leader in any field or if you have aspirations for leadership in the future, then enrolling in this enriching and engaging course is the perfect start. Invest in yourself and the function of the team you  lead by taking your management skills to the next level.

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