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Leadership Skills and Team Management

Amp up your ability to manage and lead remote teams by enrolling for this comprehensive free online skills course.

Publisher: Stone River eLearning
Do you want to improve your leadership skills and manage your business or team remotely? This free course will help you achieve those goals by guiding you through management and decision making, showing you how to take and give feedback, and demonstrating how to manage and defuse potential conflict situations. You will discover how to manage your business and employees remotely to find the right balance between supervision and independence.
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What is the difference between leadership and management? In the world of business, high-stakes competition is the order of the day. Those who want to thrive need special skills in leadership and management. Adaptability is also key, and you might want to manage your business remotely. In a nutshell, this course provides you with essential leadership and team management skills, along with remote working tips. Are you able to influence people to follow you by creating a compelling vision for the future of your product or service? This course will teach you to develop the talent of knowing when to lead and when to manage. For instance, you will learn about ‘participative leadership’, in which people feel respected. You will also study other leadership styles, including ‘structural leadership’, ‘servant leadership’ and ‘transformational leadership. Each has a different way of achieving the goals moulded in your vision.

As you work through the course, we will train you to be competent in management and its related skills. Unlike ‘leadership’, which lies in emotional intelligence, ‘management’ is about how best you use the scarce resources available in your business to achieve your goals. Essentially, management is about organizing people to achieve the objectives of your business. Other vital aspects of this role include directing, measuring, checking and working out processes and systems, all of which the course will explain. In any business, conflicts arise, and a leader needs to know how to resolve them. This course highlights many conflict resolution styles by providing you with a unique chart that gives a full explanation of each. It also warns you about things that you should be careful about doing and why conversations such as, ‘I said so because I am the boss’ should be avoided.

In addition, you may decide to run your business remotely, and this course gives you practical tips to do so. Working from home is not new. It has been around for decades but is becoming far more prevalent. Understand the benefits and pitfalls of remote managing and learn the best practices for remote management. Most importantly, an excellent remote manager truly cares about their remote team: you will be taken through the risks of mental health issues and be provided with better solutions to reduce such risks. Entrepreneurs will find this course very useful, and students specializing in managerial studies will find this free business management course enlightening.

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