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Diploma in Supervision

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Diploma in Supervision
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  • In the Diploma in Supervision you will learn all the particulars about effective supervision from the basic supervisory skills to managing uncivil behaviour in the workplace.

    The course begins by teaching you about the basic skills of supervision including the qualities of a great supervisor and the principles of leadership. You will learn about the importance of trust between a supervisor and his/her supervisees, and then advance to learning about communication techniques in the workplace and how to improve your listening skills.

    Next, the course focuses on different theories of motivation from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to the ERG theory. The course also presents information on the ladder of inference and how to establish performance expectations with supervisees.

    The final section of this course details how to effectively manage difficult situations that may arise in the workplace. You will study how to handle uncivil behaviour in the workplace and techniques for avoiding grievances. You will also learn about the different types of groups, and how to build and maintain cohesive teams.

    This course will be of great interest to professionals working as supervisors and who want to improve their supervision skills, and anyone wanting to progress into the field of supervision.

  • After completing this Supervision course, you will:

    • List the responsibilities of a supervisor.
    • Discuss what to look for when recruiting employees.
    • Develop your personal motivation skills.
    • Describe the 70:20:10 rule.
    • Explain the benefits of coaching.
    • Distinguish between the five different types of problem solutions.
    • Explain how to organize effective teams.
    • Identify team design considerations.
    • Explain the transition curve.

  • All Alison courses are free to study. To successfully complete a course you must score 80% or higher in each course assessments. Upon successful completion of a course, you can choose to make your achievement formal by purchasing an official Alison Diploma or Certificate.

    Having an official Alison document is a great way to celebrate and share your success. It is:

    • Ideal to include with CVs, job applications and portfolios
    • A way to show your ability to learn and achieve high results

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