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Become Emotionally Confident

This free online course teaches you how to take control of your thoughts and feelings amid life's ups and downs.

Publisher: Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova
Can you identify the state of your emotional health? This course examines some warning signs that can tell you whether it is less than robust. We explain how emotional health affects your physical health and overall happiness. We then provide some constructive ways to process emotions and study tactics that can build up your self-compassion and improve your level of emotional wellness. Sign up to learn how to make peace with yourself.
Become Emotionally Confident
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Controlling our emotions is an essential feature of being human, and doing so while processing stress is an ability that can benefit our relationships with others and with ourselves. Take your first step on the road to enhanced emotional health by taking this course. We explore the impact of emotional health on your mental and physical well-being. We then show you how to identify your feelings and their origin to handle them in a constructive way to improve your emotional management by staying optimistic, kind and friendly. We then go through psychologist Paul Ekman’s ‘six basic emotions’ and establish the difference between ‘emotions’ and ‘moods’.

The course then delves into the concepts of ‘self-hatred’ and ‘self-love’. We illustrate how feelings of self-hatred and unworthiness may stem from early childhood trauma and show you how to silence your inner critic when it’s being unhelpful. We then investigate self-care strategies like erecting sensible boundaries, acting in character and moving past mental hindrances from the past. You can use these measures to find self-acceptance and build up your self-esteem to unlock the door to a healthy, loving relationship with yourself.

We discuss the art of self-compassion and lay out the notable differences between ‘empathy’ and ‘sympathy’, which enables you to empathize with yourself by reframing your thoughts and internal conversations to make them more constructive. The course provides several habits that can help you cultivate self-compassion, including being kind to yourself, giving yourself time to rest, practising affirmation, not focusing on the negatives and adopting self-care. This course offers an opportunity to learn from an experienced self-confidence coach how to soothe yourself, nourish your body and mind and attain emotional confidence. Enrol today to acquire practical daily habits that can banish negativity and similar unhealthy mental habits.

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