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Understanding Emotional Mastery

Learn about the science of emotions, and proven techniques for managing Emotions; in this free, online course.

Publisher: Sanja Stojanovic
In this short, course, you will learn about emotions, and proven techniques to help you manage them. You will learn about the science of emotions as laid out by renowned scholars, as well as techniques for identifying the source of negative emotions and dealing with them. You will also learn about Dialectic Behavioural Therapy(DBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) techniques that could be used to properly manage emotions.
Understanding Emotional Mastery
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This course covers emotions in-depth and provides some techniques to help with managing them. The course begins by defining emotions, providing some scientific explanations of emotions, and identifying some functions of emotions. The course then proceeds to explain some existing theories of emotions like the James-Lange, Cannon-Bard and Facial Feedback theory. The first half of the course concludes by introducing some theories on emotions based on cognition; such as the Schafter-Singer and Cognitive Appraisal Theory.

The second half of the course covers some classifications of emotions, and techniques for managing emotions. It begins with classifications from Paul Ekman, Robert Pluctchik, and Parrot. This part of the course proceeds to teach what emotions tell us, how to identify the source of unpleasant emotions, as well as how to deal with such emotions. The course concludes by introducing some techniques like the ACCEPTS and the DEARMAN technique, that have proven to be effective in managing emotions.

This course will help you gain an improved understanding of emotions, and provide you with important techniques for managing them. The content in this course would be helpful to anyone from psychology students, to therapists, as well as anyone looking to gain a better understanding of their own emotions, or the emotions of other people. Start this course now, and gain mastery of your own emotions, and learn to manage them in under 3 hours.

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