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Founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin, the University of Pennsylvania is an Ivy League research university based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Franklin founded the university as an institution that would provide a practical and diverse education to the leaders of tomorrow. The university retains its strong focus on interdisciplinary learning to this day and its "One University Policy" allows students to take classes across any of Penn's twelve schools.

Penn boasts a rich history of illustrious alumni and institutional achievements. The university was responsible for building the first general-purpose electronic computer, as well as the development of the Rubella and Hepatitis B vaccines. Penn's first law professor wrote the first draft of the United States Constitution and the university is home to both the oldest medical and business schools in America.

As part of their ethos of innovation and inclusion, the University of Pennsylvania makes elements of its teaching materials freely available to help others access a quality education. In teaming with Alison, the university has created a series of English courses aimed at raising learners' language skills to the very highest levels.