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English for STEM

Improve your English language for science, technology, engineering and mathematics STEM with this free online course.

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania
This free online course, English for STEM, will give learners a better insight into some of the most innovative areas of scientific study while expanding their vocabulary and English language skills. In this online course you will learn about climate change, the greenhouse effect, and nanotechnology, all through English while learning the vocabulary and grammar required to discuss them.
English for STEM
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This free online course, English for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), explores some of the most innovative areas of scientific study, while expanding your vocabulary and English language skills needed to share scientific information within your social sphere. In this free online course, you will learn how to review texts and practice some of the language used to make comparisons when talking about global warming and climate change. You will also examine the chemistry of climate change and the language of cause and effect.

Next, you will be introduced to cleaner energy sources, reading strategies that can help you analyze the science behind some new energy systems, and how to summarize the main ideas in a text. Finally, you will investigate practical advances in nanotechnology that may help slow climate change, while developing your own research skills in the English language. You will be learning how to cite sources in your own research, and how to use appropriate future possibility and probability modal verbs.

This free online course is designed for non-native English language speakers interested in improving their English language skills in science. It will also be of interest to students seeking to expand their knowledge about climate change, global warming, renewable energy sources, and nanotechnology while improving their English language skills. Enroll in this online course today and improve your knowledge and skills in the English language that could help boost your career in STEM disciplines.

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