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Theo McArthur's online expertise dates back over 25 years. She has over two decades experience in website creation, online marketing and e-Commerce, as well as 5 years experience as a highly successful Amazon seller.

Theo's passion for teaching and her firm belief that everyone should have the opportunity to learn meant that she was delighted to partner with Alison and offer in-depth training at no cost to students. Having published her first full-length training course back in 2015, Theo has now taught over 120,000 students worldwide.

Drawn from her own professional experience, Theo's courses cover a range of topics including website and content creation, blogging, SEO for websites and affiliate marketing. By channeling her expertise across these interrelated fields into practical courses, she provides students with everything they need to know to embark upon successful careers in the digital marketplace. Check out Theo's interview with the Alison Blog to read her views on creating websites, sticking to your studies and the importance of taking challenges one step at a time.