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More Information about Brian Lindshield

While individual faculty members or instructors have little control over tuition and fees, they can exert some control over what materials are used in their courses. They can choose to use more affordable options, for example, like open textbooks or no textbooks at all. For this reason, author Brian Lindshield — a former student who felt exploited by exorbitant textbook prices — vowed to teach his Human Nutrition course (HN 400) at Kansas State University without a textbook.

Brian Lindshield has taught the course on campus for three years and online for two years. As a campus course, it is offered each spring. Of the 90 to 110 students enrolled in the campus course, most are nutrition majors in their sophomore or junior year. The online course is offered in the fall, spring, and summer, with 14 to 51 students enrolled each semester. Approximately half the students in the online course are in the distance dietetics bachelor's degree program and already have other degrees.