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Human Nutrition - Understanding Macronutrient Metabolism - Revised

Discover how food and beverages are converted into energy with this free online macronutrient metabolism course.

Publisher: Brian Lindshield
This free online Human Nutrition course will give you a better understanding of macronutrient metabolism. Human metabolism is a life-sustaining chemical process that is essential for bodies to grow, maintain their structure, and respond to the environment. With this course, you will learn how you obtain energy from three classes of fuel molecules as well as better understand the function and importance of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.
Human Nutrition - Understanding Macronutrient Metabolism - Revised
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This course will first introduce you to metabolism and its anabolic and catabolic processes. You will study oxidation and reduction as well as their two common cofactors and their functions. The course will then discuss monosaccharide metabolism as well as the processes of glycogenesis and glycogenolysis. You will study glycolysis and the transition reaction, the citric acid cycle, and the electron transport chain. You will also learn about anaerobic respiration and the Cori cycle.

You will then study the five lipid metabolic pathways including lipolysis and ketogenesis. The course will discuss the two primary lipolysis enzymes, the two metabolic fates of glycerol, and the two enzymes involved in oxidation process of fatty acids. You will look into the three ketone bodies, fatty acid synthesis, ketone body synthesis, and cholesterol synthesis. Finally, you will learn about the different protein metabolism pathways, transamination, deamination, gluconeogenesis, and protein degradation.

Metabolism is the process of converting everything that you eat and drink into energy. This is absolutely essential to life itself. With this course, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of this vital process. this is not only interesting knowledge, it's also highly useful for nutritionists, biologists, and anyone who wants to understand more about their bodies to be a little bit healthier. So, check out the course today and kick off your next learning journey.

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