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Video Presentations and Public Speaking

This free online course will teach you to strengthen your communication skills and communicate ideas successfully.

Publisher: TJ Walker
Do you want to improve your presentation skills and refine your public speaking abilities? This free online public speaking training will teach you the fundamentals of public speaking, how to create presentations that look good and set you up for success along with techniques and theories that are easily implementable such as the use of stories to connect with your audience and how videos can enhance your message.
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    5-6 Hours
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Are you interested in learning the necessary skills needed to make a good presentation? This online public speaking course will help you improve your public speaking skills, with a focus on video lectures. Video production can be time-consuming, difficult, technical and expensive, but in this course, you will learn skills and develop public speaking and video conferencing skills that will strengthen your career development. This video production course also covers how to create simple videos for a wide range of business communication needs.

There is an explosion of videos in the online world. Are you missing something? Are you not sure where to start? You will learn the fundamental skills necessary to become a great speaker. You will find practical tools to help you deliver high-content speeches and effective messages. Public speaking and presentation skills are skills that can be critical to your success in business and life. Why not become a great speaker and presenter right away? This course has everything you need to improve your public speaking skills through video talk.

The public speaking course offers you the most important knowledge and skills for public speaking and presentations in just one hour. It will help you position your professional image by developing your speech and speaking skills no matter the size of your audience or the topic. Regardless of your field of expertise, you can gain confidence in public speaking and presentation skills by enrolling in this course and learning how to develop great presentations through the construction of key messages, short but effective stories, and professional presentation delivery.

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