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Stress Management - Techniques for Coping with Stress - Revised

Learn coping strategies and exercises that can be used to manage stress and anxiety in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This course teaches you techniques for coping with stress and anxiety. We study relaxation and cognitive techniques to provide maladaptive, problem-focused and emotion-focused methods to restore peace of mind. We investigate the link between exercise and stress as we describe useful exercises and their positive long-term effects. We also show you how to identify stressors in your life using a DIY strategy programme that we go through in detail.
Stress Management - Techniques for Coping with Stress - Revised
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This course begins by teaching you the different ways of coping with stress. We explain how to develop positive coping strategies that suit you and your circumstances. We study autogenic training, which teaches your body to respond to your commands and establish the difference between adaptive and maladaptive coping strategies to help you find the healthier option. We then compare problem-focused and emotion-focused approaches before discussing why images are key to relaxation techniques.

The course provides exercise and DIY strategies to help you cope with stress. We explain that exercise movements should be rhythmic rather than uncoordinated to avoid muscle strain. We establish the importance of identifying your stressors and charting them while you are employing a DIY stress-management programme. We study the role of exercise in stress release and navigate the relationship between the brain and the body as we lay out the long-term benefits of physical activity and compare aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

This course can help you to defuse personal and professional anxiety to maintain your mental health. Exercise helps increase heart and respiratory rates and alleviates blood fats and muscle tension, which is why it can help you to cope with stress. This course and its exercises can provide long-term benefits to your mental and physical health so sign up to shed stress and live a happier and more balanced life.

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