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Mental Health Studies - Understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression

Learn how to reduce the stigma of mental illness by getting an in-depth understanding of mental health disorders.

Publisher: MEDCoE
This free online Mental Health Studies course from Alison clearly discusses behaviour, burnout, and depression, allowing you to recognize them. A lot of people experience trauma in their lives, and while some can cope with negative situations, others may not manage so well. With this free course, you will become much more ready to help people deal with the effects of serious mental health problems.
Mental Health Studies - Understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression
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This course will first look into behaviour and cultural differences as well as how society defines behavioural norms. You will study the defence mechanisms used by people in everyday interactions and learn how rationalization can reduce stress. The course will discuss the different types of personality disorders such as schizoid personality, explosive personality, and obsessive-compulsive personality to name a few. You will also look into psychotherapy as a therapeutic intervention for these personality disorders.

You will then study the two major types of depression and look into the symptoms of severe depression. The course will discuss the signs to look out for as well as how to manage the disorder. Next, you will cover the topic of burnout and study its signs and symptoms. You will learn the causes of burnout and the techniques for its prevention. Finally, you will study the types of medications for the treatment of depression.

The modern world has created many challenges that adversely impact our health and wellness in our daily personal and professional lives. As a result, personality disorder, phobia, and neurotic behaviour sometimes get the better of some people. These disorders can be alleviated, with the right knowledge. So, learn more about mental health by taking this course, and help yourself or a loved one enjoy more balanced mental well-being.

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