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Learn the basics of meditation and discover its physical, emotional and mental benefits with this free online course.

Publisher: CourseFlix
This free online course outlines the basic principles and types of meditation. It guides beginners through the process of meditation, explaining what preparations to take before you begin your practice and the challenges you may face along the way. It guides you through the ways in which you can refine your practice to better experience the physical, emotional and mental benefits it offers. So why wait? Start learning how to meditate today.
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This free course begins with an introduction to the basics of meditation, including a look at its definition and variations. You will then be guided through the preparation you should take in order to facilitate your meditation, such as ensuring you have a quiet space in which to practise. The course also outlines ways in which you can refine your meditation in order to maximize the benefits of it.

This online course also contains videos to supplement your learning. These videos cover topics including how meditation can reduce stress and the relationship between meditation and visualisation. You will be introduced to different types of meditation techniques, including candle meditation and walking meditation. You will also learn about two types of meditation which can be practised at your desk.

Finally, you will discover the many benefits of meditation and how they materialise physically, emotionally and mentally. Meditation is proven to decrease stress and facilitate personal development and self awareness. These benefits are valuable for everybody, young and old, regardless of gender or vocation. So why wait? Begin learning how to meditate today.

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