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Diploma in Positive Psychology

Free online course on the fundamentals of positive psychology as well as the current trends in the field of psychology.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on positive psychology provides comprehensive information about the positive instincts to fulfil human potential. Learn about the measures for testing happiness as well as how to develop emotional intelligence to effectively interact with other people. You will also learn about the concept of self, resilience, and the role they play in human interaction. Start this course today and improve your social science skills.
Diploma in Positive Psychology
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This free online course on positive psychology will begin by introducing you to the concept of psychology, positive psychology as well as the basic theme of positive psychology. You will also be introduced to the different theories and branches of psychology. You will learn about the humanistic perspectives on the historical background of positive psychology, along with the methods of research in the psychology field.

This course will also introduce you to the traits of a positive personality in psychology. You will learn about the concept as well as the models of character strengths and virtue. This course will further teach you how to develop a positive emotional state which includes hope, optimism, resilience, and mindfulness. You will learn how forgiveness improves your mental health as well as the role of compassion in the improvement of your relationships with others.

Finally, this course will introduce you to the importance of religion and spiritual practices for understanding human behavior. You will learn about gratitude along with the ways it helps in fostering healthy relationships among humans. This course will improve your knowledge about the concept of self as well as the fundamentals of positive psychology. Begin this course to improve your knowledge of the latest trends and direction in positive psychology.

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