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How to Deal With a Rude or Angry Customer

Learn how to defuse tension and satisfy difficult customers with this free online customer service course.

Publisher: Ross Maynard
This free online course teaches you how to perform your customer-focused role when confronted by a customer who has lost their temper. We explain why customers get angry and provide tips and tricks for defusing such situations. We also cover fundamental principles of anger and stress management and examine the phenomenon of buyer's remorse. This course equips you with the customer service skills you need to handle tough situations.
How to Deal With a Rude or Angry Customer
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Anger is a normal and common emotion we all experience and anyone working with customers has to defuse situations in which they get upset and lash out. This ill temper can be prompted by your organization’s failure to provide service or products or it could be the result of unseen irritations - either way you still have to deal with it. This free online course helps you to manage those stressful situations and do your best to support the customer and solve their problems. We provide some proven tips and tricks to avoid common traps and pitfalls that can enrage customers and clients.

This course explains the important objectives and factors to keep in mind when confronted with rage. We analyze anger as an emotion that appears in different guises and explore the many factors that give rise to each kind. This will demonstrate how poor customer service can prompt explosive customer behaviour. We go through various causes of poor customer service and establish the need for specific policies that improve it. We go through these policies and suggestions in detail with the help of examples. Angry customers must be dealt with calmly and carefully and we identify known warning signs and triggers to avoid.

We break down the proven systematic approach to handling dissatisfied customers into its twelve steps. Sometimes such dissatisfaction translates into rudeness and we outline the policies and procedures that lower tensions. Customer relations can be stressful and we provide crucial ways to manage that anxiety. This course is suitable for anyone who constantly deals with the public or wishes to work in such a field. Customer service drives business success so sign up to gain the skills to handle the worst that people can throw at you in the workplace while smoothly managing their rage and your own stress.

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