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Outstanding Customer Service - Your Ultimate Guide

Unlock the powerful secrets of customer service that will transform your business with this free online course.

Publisher: Advanced Ideas
This free online Outstanding Customer Service course will teach you the skills and techniques required to provide truly outstanding customer service. Business owners have no idea how much money they may be losing due to bad customer service, or how much more money they could generate with providing excellent customer service. This free online course teaches business owners and managers how to provide truly excellent customer service.
Outstanding Customer Service - Your Ultimate Guide
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This free course will introduce you to the basic concepts of providing excellent customer service, and how any business can stop losing money due to poor or average customer service. You will learn methods for retaining existing customers, and for gaining more customer referrals. The course shows you how to handle difficult customers like a pro, and how you can make more money from each customer. You'll also learn the five tenets of TQM, and how to avoid the 10 deadly sins of customer service.

This course is taught by Prof. Paul Cline, celebrity trainer of top therapists, CEO's, and business owners. Prof. Paul has condensed over 35 years of learning into this one quick and easy course, so start the course today and gain lots of specific skills you can use right away to improve your life and the lives of others!

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