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Introduction to Customer Service Excellence

Learn the secrets to providing outstanding customer service in the corporate industry in this free online course.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
In this free Customer Service online course, you will learn about the techniques used by top customer service workers in big corporate industries that will help you stand out in our role as a Customer Service Agent. Explore the many ways to bring efficiency to your role, the tools you may encounter and how to master them, as well as how to connect with customers on a personal level and work effectively in a team and with colleagues.
Introduction to Customer Service Excellence
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The fundamental duties of a customer service worker (CSW) are to answer customer questions and resolve problems. Success often depends on how well the CSW can connect with customers on a personal level. In this customer service course, we discuss skills related to creating and relaying a professional and helpful attitude, creating a strong first impression, communicating well verbally and non-verbally, and – most importantly – understanding exactly what your customer needs and wants.

Customer service workers employ a variety of tools and technologies to discern their customer's needs and wants and this is very important as it maximizes customer satisfaction and minimizes complications. Since the flow of customer connections can flood quickly, CSWs need to be able to multitask effectively and efficiently, manage their time, and network with the co-workers who also serve on their team. In the second module, we review these critical skill sets.

A customer service position may only require job candidates to have earned a high school diploma, in addition to having solid communication and problem-solving skills. On-the-job training, which may last two to three weeks, is typically necessary to learn about the needs of the customers your particular company serves. There are roughly 2.2 million customer service jobs in the United States, and job growth in this industry is consistently good. If you are good with people, enjoy working in a team and believe that going above-and-beyond for customers is the minimum expectation, then you should enrol for this customer service course in order to refine your skills and kickstart your career as a customer service representative.

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