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Hospitality Management - How To Analyse and Maximise Your Restaurant's Profitability

Learn the fundamental concepts of restaurant industry operations with this free online hospitality management course.

Publisher: Manish Gupta
This free online hospitality management course teaches you how to successfully analyse and maximize your restaurant's profitability. You will learn that success in running a restaurant involves factors such as the ability to maximize seat occupancy and control beverage and food costs. Learn revenue and cost analysis skills essential in achieving the objectives of maximum profitability while still maintaining the quality of service and food.
Hospitality Management - How To Analyse and Maximise Your Restaurant's Profitability
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    1.5-3 Hours
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In this free online course, "Hospitality Management - Analyse and Maximize Your Restaurant's Profitability", you will learn that success in restaurant business management depends not only on your operational skills but also on how well you understand restaurant revenue and expenses. This video course focuses on teaching you the fundamentals of how to maximize profitability in the food and beverage (F&B) business.

The restaurant operations course begins by introducing you to the fundamentals of running a restaurant as a business and includes topics such as menu design principles, business planning, and how to segment and analyse restaurant revenue. You will also learn about obtaining the key restaurant metrics and how to compare these with competitors. The course also teaches you about the menu engineering report and strategies to maximize revenue and profitability.

The course is designed for Restaurant Managers / Assistant Managers so that they can successfully manage profitability in restaurants; Independent restaurant owners and managers who do not have formal business education; and Hotel Management students to give them some practical experience before starting their careers. So, start this free course today if you need to know valuable skills about how to analyse and maximize your restaurant's profitability.

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