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English Literature Analysis

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English Literature Analysis
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  • This course offers a comprehensive introduction to English literature analysis. Taking selected drama masterpieces including Macbeth and The Crucible and several poems as examples; the course introduces the learner to literature, play and theatre analysis. This course is ideal for students of English literature, and for those wishing to expand their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of this rewarding subject.

  • On completing this course you will understand the writings, history, poetry techniques, and structures that were used by Samuel Coleridge. You will know Coleridge's references to music, his rhyme schemes and you will understand how to interpret the meaning of his poem Kubla Khan. You will gain a good knowledge of Coleridge's other poems such as The Eolian Harp, This Lime Tree Bower, My Prison and Frost at Midnight.You will have a good knowledge of the life and work of William Shakespeare. This course will help you to understand Shakespeare’s language, quotes and poetry. You will become more familiar with some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. This course will introduce you to the techniques that Shakespeare used when directing on stage. This course will teach you the techniques used by Arthur Miller in the play the 'The Crucible' including setting, characters, structure, drama.

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