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Diploma in Marketing Analytics

Learn how to use different techniques in marketing analytics and market mix models in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Diploma in Marketing Analytics is a free online course that offers an in-depth understanding of R programming and other marketing tools. You will learn about the recommendation engines and the influence of demands and needs as well as wants on consumer's behaviour. You will also study customer segmentation and target positioning in marketing analytics. Register for this course today and take your marketing analytics skill to the next level.
Diploma in Marketing Analytics
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Diploma in Marketing Analytics is a free online course that offers a comprehensive guide to understanding the functions of different marketing mix models. This course will teach you how to use R programming, do social network analysis, and master other models for effective marketing analysis. It begins with a breakdown of consumers' wants and R programming, and how it can be used to solve real-life problems in marketing analytics.

Next, you will learn about customer segmentation and targeting positioning, along with geographical segmentation. You will also study demand focusing, pricing and major predictors of sales in marketing analytics. Then you will discuss the advertising models and how to use macro-level cost analysis in marketing mix models. Analyze situations where market decisions affect customers and study the recommendation engines and retail analytics in the marketing process. Finally, look into filtering and the features of collaborative filtering in marketing analytics.

This free online course provides practical knowledge and numerous applications of recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) value; market basket analysis; interactive dashboard creation as well as the customer-churn approach to ensure a great learning experience throughout. It will be of significant value to anyone interested in harnessing marketing analytics for personal or professional use. Start your next learning journey by registering for this course and upgrade your marketing analytics skills.

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