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Customer Relationship Management in Business Services

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Customer Relationship Management in Business Services
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  • Customer Relationship Management in Business Services focuses on how businesses can achieve excellence in customer relationships by designing and developing effective and efficient service processes for their customers.

    The course begins by showing you how fluctuating demand from customers for a service can be addressed by businesses by managing capacity within the service process they offer to their customers. You will then learn how businesses can use marketing elements to shape demand patterns for a service. You will learn about consumer behaviour and how important elements of service processes such as queuing and waiting lines can be re-designed to greatly improve customer experience and also increase service productivity and efficiency. You will also learn about The Three-Stage Model of Service Consumption and how this model allows service managers set objectives and shape consumer behaviour in a targeted manner.

    Finally, you will learn about self-service technologies (SSTs) and co-creation of business services and how these methods are the ultimate form of customer involvement in a business service when used appropriately. The course uses real-world examples throughout to demonstrate how service businesses and service organisations around the world achieve excellence in their customer relationships.

    This course will be of great interest to all professionals working in service businesses and service management and who would like to learn more about creating business services that go beyond customer satisfaction and achieve customer delight.

  • Having completed this course you will be able to:

    • Explain variations in demand relative to capacity;
    • Explain different types of waiting lines and how they operate;
    • Describe consumer behavior and managing services;
    • Describe managing customer perceptions of risk;
    • Describe Self-Service Technologies (SSTs) and their use;
    • Describe the relationship between the service delivery process and the service system; - Describe how to design a new service process;
    • Explain the components of the new service development cycle;
    • Explain the role of culture in service excellence.

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