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Almost 5,000 Diploma and Certificate courses cover everything from art to artificial intelligence and from business to beekeeping, caregiving to coding… you get the picture. What, you might ask, are the most popular topics? Caregiving, first aid, nursing and mental health, HR and project management are top of the leaderboard currently, as learners discover the merits of free online courses for furthering their careers. Here are the top 10 courses based on our data on enrolments, completions, reviews and more…

Top First Aid Courses

CPR, AED and First Aid

Almost 1,500 learners tell us they ‘loved’ this CPR, AED and First Aid certification course. Nearly 32,000 people have completed it in the past 12 months alone out of a total of approximately 360,000. This hugely popular Save a Life Certification by NHCPS opens with first aid basics, from what goes into a first aid kit to assessing the scene to understand what has happened. You’ll learn how to check a patient’s responsiveness and how to deal with traumatic injuries and choking in babies, children and adults. For cases of cardiac arrest, learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED).  Sign up today to master lifesaving skills that anyone can use in a personal or professional capacity.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Master critical life-saving skills with this certified first aid course with updated training in line with the latest guidelines. This Save A Life certificate course covers each of the principal first aid techniques for dealing with infants, children and adults and includes scenarios for both one and two rescuers. Topics include mouth-to-mouth and ‘bag-mask’ ventilation and CPR for casualties who have stopped breathing and don’t have a pulse. You will also learn rescue breathing techniques for casualties with a pulse but who have stopped breathing. Discover how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) on infants and children, how to open a child’s airway and how to perform nose-rescue breathing on babies. Alison graduate Eniola O. says: “This is a highly recommended course for all Medical and Healthcare practitioners and everyone willing to become a Life Saver.” Over 167,000 learners have enrolled in this course, including 64,000 this year! Register for your account and become a certified lifesaver today.

Top Caregiving Courses

Diploma in Caregiving

More than 303,000 learners have enrolled in the Diploma in Caregiving online on Alison, as opportunities continue to open in this in-demand career. The benefits of a diploma in caregiving vs a certificate come down to the comprehensive nature of the training. You will gain many practical skills required to become a professional carer for ill, elderly or vulnerable people. Learn how to assist clients or patients with meals, personal care, physical and emotional support and much more. This course includes training in supporting people with dementia and covers important legal and ethical issues too. There are no requirements to taking this, or any online course on Alison. Simply register today, enrol and begin learning!

Elderly Care and Caring for the Disabled

This is the second short certificate course to make the top 10 and deservedly so. Successfully completed by over 23,000 learners in the last 12 months, this free online caregiving course will equip you to support people at their most vulnerable with practical skills, medical knowledge and compassion. Discover how different parts of the body are affected by the ageing process and by common conditions like diabetes and what caregivers can do to support their clients or patients. The second part of the course covers topics such as stroke, traumatic injuries, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS and sensitive subjects like end-of-life care. Alison Graduate Udesha S. is among the 261,000 to benefit from this course. “Amazing. Easy to read, learn and progress. So highly recommend.”

Caregiving Skills – Dementia Care

Access free dementia training for caregivers with this highly-rated course today! Explore different types of dementia and what to expect in the stages of cognitive decline. You will also learn about supporting families following a dementia diagnosis. Caregivers have a vital role in helping those suffering from dementia to enjoy a good quality of life. This course will equip you with the skills you need for communicating well with clients, dealing with a range of behaviours associated with types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, and planning activities clients will benefit from. Join the 82,000 people who have enrolled in this course over the past 12 months, and boost your caregiving skills today. Check out the many reviews from satisfied learners, who have loved this course’s emphasis on preserving the dignity of clients, safeguarding them, managing risks and more. Adele L., one of 942 learners who ‘loved’ the course, praised its: “Great insight into understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia.” 

Introduction to Caregiving

The fourth caregiving course in our top 10 is the perfect foundation for learners about to begin a career as a carer. More than 200,000 students have mastered the basics of caregiving with this short certification designed to be completed in three hours. It includes teaching on the roles, responsibilities and legal obligations of care workers. You’ll learn how to communicate with clients with a range of disabilities and with fellow care team members. Practical skills include working with clients in wheelchairs. This short course even touches on topics to support caregivers’ wellbeing, from managing your own stress to organising your time efficiently. Olurankinse O. is among many graduates to attest to the value of the Introduction to Caregiving: “This course is greatly useful in building a foundation in healthcare. It’s easy to understand, and examples are relatable.”

Top Healthcare Courses

Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care

Nurses need to undertake continued professional development to keep their skills and their registration up to date. This free online course in nursing and patient care will help you boost your nursing career. Its comprehensive content includes basic care and hygiene, health and safety for nurses, movement and exercise routines to use with patients, and the role of the nurse in different situations, such as physical examinations or diet therapy. Almost 80,000 learners have enrolled for this course in the past 12 months – career development for free! Just what the doctor ordered, thanks to the expert trainers at the US Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE)!

Diploma in Mental Health

Discover how to safeguard your own wellbeing and how to help other people with our top-performing mental health course. Almost 2 million Alison learners have enlisted for our US Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE) courses over the years, and it’s easy to see why. Enrol today to explore what is meant by ‘normal’ behaviour and how to identify and treat neurotic and psychotic tendencies. You’ll learn about everything from stress and depression to substance abuse and suicidal behaviour. Explore some of the common factors leading to violence and how to manage a violent patient. The concluding section of the course deals with important techniques for maintaining and managing mental health, from relaxation to DIY therapies to exercise. Join almost 56,000 learners who have enrolled in this course over the past 12 months!

Top Business Courses

Diploma in Human Resources (HR)

This hugely popular course has equipped many thousands of Alison graduates to progress in their careers, earning a whopping 4580 ‘loves’ and 1410 ‘likes’. The most surprising thing about this HR diploma is that, like all our courses, it’s completely free to enrol. So what will you learn? The answer is everything you need to know to climb the career ladder in HR. It begins by laying out the key skills and responsibilities of the HR manager, then delves into specific areas – recruitment, training and appraisal; managing and retaining employees; and disciplinary procedures and termination. As Virgin guru Richard Branson states: “People are a company’s greatest asset”. The best leaders and HR managers are tuned into the internal culture of their organisation and help employees to feel engaged and appreciated, even in times of change. If those are skills you need to succeed in HR, sign up today!

Diploma in Project Management

Explore every facet of project management with this popular diploma course. Loved by more than 4,000 learners over the years, a whopping 59,000 have enrolled in the past year. Onsimo M. comments: “It was such a refresher. Many of the things I covered I used to do them but without a proper understanding. Now I will be with a different approach. Thank you, team.” So what project management skills will you learn? The training starts where every project does – with planning. You’ll explore each stage of the system development lifecycle, learn how to use tools like Gantt and PERT charts and get a firm foundation in project management methodology and the importance of documentation. The second part of the course delves into the project management lifecycle and its component phases – planning, analysis, design, implementation and evaluation. Perfect if you want to progress as a project manager or simply to learn how to deliver a one-off project professionally, on time and within the budget.

Learners Love These Free Courses Too!

Our top 10 performers can’t afford to rest on their laurels, with these successful courses nipping at their heels: 

Explore the thousands of options available to you today – and don’t forget to keep looking! New courses are added on Alison every week as we continue our vision to empower one billion people with free education and training online by 2030! 

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