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Understanding the Success of Silicon Valley

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Understanding the Success of Silicon Valley
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  • Silicon Valley is an area located near San Francisco in California that is the headquarters for many world leading high-tech companies such as Apple, Google, Adobe Systems, eBay and Cisco to name just a few. Why has Silicon Valley this concentration of world-class companies? In this course John Roos of Wilson and Sonsini discusses what Silicon Valley stands for and why today it attracts so many leading entrepreneurs in technology, life sciences and high-potential start-up companies.

    The course reviews the core values upon which the success of Silicon Valley is based and which companies located there still value so highly today. John Roos talks about the key skills in finance, business, IT and law found in Silicon Valley that can turn a company from a start-up into a billion dollar company within a matter of years. He talks about the importance of taking a risk in business, and why not being willing to do so is a failure to begin with.

    This course will be of interest to all entrepreneurs and professionals in business, finance and IT who would like to know what factors are found in Silicon Valley that allow it produce so many world-class companies and perhaps how similar successful locations can be established elsewhere.

  • Learning outcomes: - Understanding how a company succeeds in Silicon Valley; - Examine the various resources an entrepreneur would consider from the birth of their idea; - Key values which make a huge company so successful; - Review the phases of technology and the massive boom of I.T. in the 1990’s.

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