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Child Care - Health and Safety

Learn how to take care of the physical and mental health of children and fulfill their needs in this free online course.

Publisher: One Education
Taking care of children is a demanding task, but it can be made fun with the help of the right knowledge and experience. You will learn how to take care of children by keeping them safe and healthy at different stages of their development. Learners will be taught how to fulfill the needs of children, give them the right food and environment to grow, protect them against abuse and neglect as well as encourage play for learning and experience.
Child Care - Health and Safety
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Child development is a process in which children learn different bodily functions and develop new skills. You will learn about the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of children as well as the natural and environmental factors responsible for child development. Children need care and attention from adults to grow, develop self-esteem and have a good self-image. Learners will acquire knowledge of the importance of touch and the management of necessary routine activities such as eating, clothing and sleeping for children. Some children are born with issues that impact their body, brain, speaking and learning capabilities. Such children have special needs and require extra care and support in order to live a healthy and comfortable life. You will learn how to identify the special needs of children, take care of children with physical and cognitive impairments and use the right descriptive terms for special children to avoid stereotyping and prejudice against such individuals.

Do you know that the best time in life to establish good eating habits is during childhood? When you establish a good eating habit early, it provides the amounts and variety of nutrients needed to maintain good health throughout your lifetime. Learners will be taught which food supplies the essential nutrients for a healthy body and mind. Cleanliness and personal safety are essential for remaining healthy and children need to be trained to achieve this by themselves and by following in your footsteps. You will be taught how to keep children clean and motivated to maintain personal hygiene as well as how to identify and handle illnesses and keep children safe from hazards. Also, you will gain knowledge of different forms of child abuse, its harmful effects and ways to help children to protect themselves against abuse. Play is not just about having fun – it is a great way to learn and explore the world for children. Learners will be shown the importance of play and creativity in a child's cognitive, social and emotional development.

This course is designed for parents with babies and young children as well as people working in the field of child care and protection. It also serves as a starting point in the journey of understanding the complexing of raising a child. This course offers lectures with clear and simple explanations of issues faced by caregivers and their solutions. To enhance learning and make the content more memorable, the course provides relevant examples and step-by-step processes for a child’s care and protection at different stages of a child's life. Also, the busy lifestyle of the modern world forces parents to work extra hours in order to make ends meet, leaving little time for their families. This in turn opens up job opportunities for people in the field of child care. Grab this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding of raising a child in a safe and healthy environment. Join the course now!

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