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Understanding Data Analysis and Reports in Google Analytics

Learn more about digital analytics, data collection, and Google analytics reports with this free online course.

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This free online Google Analytics course will teach you about how you can use Google Analytics can track visitors from a variety of referrers including search engines, social networks, direct visits, and referring sites. You will also learn about pay-per-click networks, how Google Analytics generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic, measures conversions and sales, tracks advertising, and much more.
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First, this digital metrics and analytics course will teach you how Google Analytics works. You will learn the key metrics which show what a user did on a site, along with important dimensions, descriptions, and characteristics of your data. You will be guided on how to build an effective measurement plan, learn the best practices for collecting actionable data, and how to set up a Google Analytics account and basic filters.

Next, you will learn about navigating Google Analytics report with specific examples for evaluating a company's digital marketing performance. You will cover audience reports, acquisition reports, AdWords reports, behavior reports, and custom reports and dashboards which are used to deliver information to users. You will also learn how to navigate conversions reports including goal flow reports, eCommerce reports, multi-channel funnel reports, and attribution reports. These show how many net new prospects a site is generating and how many visitors are turning into prospects.

Learning about data analysis and reports in Google Analytics is as easy as 123 with the help of this free online course. It will be of great interest to all marketing and data analysis professionals who would like a better understanding of how data analysis can improve web site performance, and is ideal for all learners who would like to learn more about Google Analytics. So, check out the course now and get yourself familiarized with Google Analytics today!

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