Strategy for Profitable Pricing

Learn how to develop the best, successful pricing strategy for your business success with this free online course.

Publisher: EntrepreneurNOW Network
This free online course, strategy for profitable pricing will teach you the nitty-gritty of building a strategic profitable pricing model and how to create value for your product and maximize margin as an entrepreneur. Pricing determines whether your business succeeds or fails; you will learn the strategy for setting the right prices for your product and services. You will learn the price variables that can influence your pricing strategy.
Strategy for Profitable Pricing
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Business owners oftentimes struggle with choosing the right price for their product or service. However, being equipped with the knowledge and having access to the right information can bridge the gap between a profitable pricing and an unsuccessful pricing strategy and that's what this course is set to achieve. You will first learn the basics of price strategy, what pricing communicates about your offers to your customers, and the types of pricing strategies. The course will teach you how investors evaluate pricing strategies. You will learn how to align your pricing strategy with all the other strategies that you employ and execute in your business operation.

You will also learn the different models of pricing, their advantages, and downside, how to calculate margins, average margins for specific industries and retail categories, how to meter price sensitivity, and how to develop a pricing profile particular to your offering based on eight key pricing variables. Having a justified pricing strategy can make the difference between success and failure, you will learn how to determine your pricing strategy and avoid common pricing mistakes that many entrepreneurs make in pricing.

This course is designed with a proven methodology for developing a profitable pricing strategy. There are tips and practical examples of both product and service-based businesses, including businesses that have maintained seasonal pricing variations which will help your understanding of the pricing strategy. The course also offers guidance on bundling, discounting and other pricing techniques which you can deploy in building your business. By taking this course, you will be adequately informed and equipped with proper understanding of the pricing systems and how to overcome the fears and drawbacks of setting sustainable prices for your products or services. Enroll in this course today and watch your business succeed with the right pricing strategy.

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