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Production Planning and Control in Industrial Engineering

Learn how to apply the key principles and techniques of production planning and control in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
What is production planning and control and why is there a need for it? This course offers an in-depth understanding of the techniques, functions and applications of this important industrial field. You will study the tools used to ensure plans are well scheduled and executed in time, allowing you to help plan proper production and manufacturing procedures.
Production Planning and Control in Industrial Engineering
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A specialist field of industrial engineering is production planning and control. In this free course, you will learn about the scope that it generally covers, as well as the limitations of its applications and the ramifications of those limits. In addition, you will study the different stages of production planning, as well as aggregate plans and material master production schedules relevant to the efficient and effective production of goods and services.

The material describes the organization of production plant facilities to suit the handling of production material while maintaining good cost-effectiveness for industrial engineers. It analyzes the important tools used in ensuring plans are well scheduled and executed in time, along with the crucial aspects of timing such as priority sequencing, loading and production modelling. You will also be introduced to network modelling techniques and their associated technologies, and be taught how to calculate timings, identify critical paths and work out the total project duration using various techniques.

If you are an industrial engineering student or want to brush up on your production planning and control skills, this course will be very helpful to you. Manufacturers and business owners will also find the material useful to understand how to streamline production lines, build more efficient factories and boost profits.

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