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Middle Manager

Learn the skills it takes to be a Middle Manager with this free online middle management training course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This free online middle management course will teach you about management, ethics, and social responsibility. In this course you will learn about managing information, making decisions, managing teams, and becoming a good leader. You will also look into organizational strategy, innovation, change, organizational structures, and motivation. This will help you acquire and develop the skills needed to become an effective middle manager.
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This course, Middle Manager, will provide you with an understanding of the skills needed to manage others. You will learn about ethics and social responsibility in the field of middle management. You will be able to explain how to act ethically and what that means, as well as what your social responsibilities are as a manager. You will also learn about the process for managing information.

This course then explains in more detail the process for decision making. You will learn about what goes into making big decisions that will affect those that work under you as well as yourself. You will also learn about keeping and maintaining control.

This course then wraps up by discussing organizational strategy, innovation, change, organizational structures, managing teams, motivation, and leadership. You will learn strategies for getting and staying organized as well as ways to adapt to innovation and change. By taking this course you will learn fundamental skills to support your success in a middle management position, from managing teams to motivating and leading those teams to success. So why wait? Start learning today. 

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