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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Learn about all the new features in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

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Learn about all the new features in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.





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Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular software application used to create computer-based presentations. This free online course on PowerPoint 2010 illustrates the many new features that extend its workflow capabilities and functionality.

In this PowerPoint course, you will begin by learning why you should make the switch to PowerPoint 2010 from previous versions of the software. You will learn how to navigate the ribbon, explore the menu bar, and understand the different tasks that can be done with it.

You will learn how to create, manage, and collaborate on presentations with other people; and how to enrich your presentations with video, pictures, and animations including how to embed, edit, and play a video in your presentation and trim an audio or video clip.

This course will be of great interest to all professionals in any business or organisation who need to present their work or activity either informally or formally in a professional manner. Being able to present your ideas professionally is a core skill-set to have in any career.

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