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Maintaining and Servicing Home Appliances

Learn how to maintain and service lighting and fixtures, water purifiers, air appliances, food processors, and more.

Publisher: ADU
This free online maintaining and servicing home appliances course will introduce you to a wide variety of home applications, their usage, and how of light fittings, the part of the light which is attached to the wall or ceiling, as well teaching you about the different types of water purifiers, heating and air appliances, grinders, and mixers, Uninterruptible Power Supplies(UPS), series and shunt voltage regulators, and a whole lot more.
Maintaining and Servicing Home Appliances
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Can you imagine living without any lighting in your home? This course will first discuss the characteristics of different types of lamps, such as the incandescent lamp and the fluorescent lamp. You will then look into heating appliances used in the kitchen such as the rice cooker, cooking range, and pressure cooker as well as study the preparation of a heating element. This course will also discuss the water purifier, electric iron, electric geyser, and washing machine dryer.

Vacuum cleaners, air coolers, and electric fans are considered air appliances. This course will teach you the working principles behind different air appliances. It will also discuss and teach you how to service food processing appliances such as the wet grinder and food mixer. You will then study the working principle behind the series voltage regulator and the shunt voltage regulator, the operation of an online UPS which is most widely used in PCs, and troubleshooting procedures for power supply units.

Modern living has introduced a lot of new appliances to the average home. From electric kettles to vacuum cleaners, our homes are now full of electrical appliances. However, home appliances often break down when not cared for or serviced on a regular basis. Upon the completion of this course, you will have learned the working principles and troubleshooting techniques for the most common household appliances, so make sure to check this course out and learn an important handyman skill, today.

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