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Knowing the Difference between an Idea and an Opportunity

Learn the difference between an idea and opportunity and identify the traits needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

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This free online entrepreneurial skills course features Tom Byers who is a professor at Stanford University. He sets out a methodology for how you can distinguish between good and not so good entrepreneurs based on the decisions or principles they adhered to during the initial growth phase of their start-up companies. In particular, he reviews the importance of being able to distinguish between an idea and an opportunity.
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This course begins by teaching you how to recognise the difference between an idea and an opportunity. You will learn that ideas are simply innovations or thoughtful inventions of a new product/service or an improvement of an already existing product/service. Opportunity comes as a result of a gap in productivity, thus, ideas help to fill up an opportunity. You will also learn that leaders have to be dynamic and evolve with the company as it grows.

Building a successful business demands a lot from an entrepreneur. You need to see and recognise where improvements can be made and know when help is needed. You will learn that entrepreneurs generate many ideas but only some become real opportunities. This course will also discuss how to get into a good marketing position to evolve from being a small company to a worldwide phenomenon. You will also learn that success is often a partnership between ideas and opportunities which work together to bring the final product to fruition.

Tom Byers will help you get a new look at important factors which are not always considered when running a successful business. Upon the completion of this course, you will gain a better understanding of what to consider when building a company, look into the traits needed to be a successful entrepreneur, and what a marketing model can achieve in the case of a startup company. Check out this course and get useful guidance on building your own start-up business.

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