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Introduction to Employee Investigation in the UK

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Introduction to Employee Investigation in the UK
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  • An employer becomes aware of possible illegal or inappropriate conduct by a member of staff. The employer now has to consider what action they will take to establish the facts and, if appropriate, take disciplinary action or contact the police. This employee investigation course takes the learner through the role of an Employee Investigator referencing the Private Security industry, the Police force and the law as it applies in the UK. To work within the law in the UK the learner will be introduced to all the major legislation impacting on the role of Employee Investigator, from RIPA and PACE to the TORT law and what constitutes theft. The learner will also be introduced to Employee Rights, how to document any findings from an investigation, how the Employee Investigator should conduct him/herself during the investigation, how to report back to the client and how to proceed with an arrest should that become necessary. This employee investigation course will be of great interest to security professionals wanting to work as an Employee Investigator, and to employers and human resource professionals who need to understand the role of the Employee Investigator.

  • Learning outcomes: - Understanding the need and role of Employee Investigators; - Know the legislation an Employee Investigator must be familiar with and why; - Learn how to develop a ‘pattern of life’ study; - Be familiar with interim and final reports, witness statement and the use of the Pocket Notebook; - Understand how to use techniques such triggering and grey-scale; - Know how to conduct an operation.

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