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Interview Preparation Skills for Accountants

In this free online course, you will master the essential job interview preparation skills for financial accountants.

Publisher: Ross Maynard
In this free online course, master the skills for presenting your talents, experiences and capabilities positively and effectively in a job interview. Learn how to prepare, plan, and create a positive impression in the mind of the recruiters. By completing this course, you will build your charisma and confidence. You will also acquire the professional skills to ace any job interview and get your dream job as a top paid accountant. Enrol now!
Interview Preparation Skills for Accountants
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Accountants are smart people with unmatched skills in handling the details of projects, studies, and analyses. But many of these smart people are not always great at acing an interview. Most accounting practitioners are non-natural performers, particularly in front of strangers. As such, they lack acting skills, which is often regarded as one of the most important qualities of natural interviewees. Indeed, the run-up to interviews, and in fact, the actual interview can be a very stressful process. We will like you to think of an interview as a project, and the last stage of this project would be the final presentation in front of the recruitment panel. The structure of the project will be properly dissected in the course material so that you can build up to that final presentation in an organized manner. We will consider the project preparation sheet, otherwise known as the CV, for your final presentation. This project preparation sheet is also referred to as the interview skills balance sheet tool. In this free online course, you will examine the five sections of the interview skills balance sheet, which is a convenient structural tool for preparing yourself for the interview. The components of the interview skills balance sheets will be represented with key accounting terms, to help you understand how to use them for your interview project.

Next, you will learn about fixed assets, current assets, current liabilities, etc., which are the maxims for the skill sets required of an interviewee. Likewise, you will be shown how you can use your professional qualifications, long-term experiences, deeply engrained capabilities, as well as your recently developed skills to your advantage in an interview. The subject on shareholder funds will examine how your personal attributes, interests, and social capital affects your communication systems, presentation styles, facilitation techniques, and other social skills. Furthermore, seven powerful guidelines for preparing for an interview, and how to deal with anticipation and excitement before an interview, will be reviewed. You will be equipped with seven great tips for a positive interview. In addition, we will provide you with more details about the aspects of the interview, including how to catch the attention of the interviewers at the beginning of the interview. Too, you will be taken on an exciting expedition from the nitty-gritty of the interview to the end of the interview, so you can build your confidence in your abilities.

Since the surge of the coronavirus pandemic, there seems to be an increase in online interviews, and most interviewers are likely to utilize the online platforms for some time to come. While online interviews have several advantages, on the flip side, it is more difficult to build connections with the interviewers, and there is the risk of interruptions. As such, the technology of the online interview, including software like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, Google Meet, etc., and the two main challenges of online interviews, will be studied. You will learn about situational and motivational interview questions. Why do you really want this role? How can you add value to the organization? Learn how to address these questions and several other challenging interview questions with practicable solutions and templates, which will be provided. The course will conclude with sample interview questions, which will serve as some kinds of demo tests for your final interview presentation. By completing this course, you will build your confidence as a professional accountant, and also develop the essential skills for presenting your talents and experiences positively and effectively in an interview. So, why wait? Go ace that interview. Take this course now!

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