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Create a Professional Resume

Create professionally organized resume and learn how to secure your dream job with this free online course.

Publisher: Er Sadiq Hussain
This free online course has been created for professionals interested in creating an organized resume and enhancing their career in the global marketplace. In this course you will learn in detail the essential components of a resume, before moving onto different types of resume formats. You will also learn about the use of appropriate action verbs in a resume in order to get the job of your dreams.
Create a Professional Resume
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This course is designed to introduce learners to the professional method of writing a well-organized resume. Throughout these lessons we are going to explain all the required steps of writing a resume, the basic components of a resume, action verbs, keywords, types of resumes and much more. Learners will also be guided on how to choose the resume’s keywords and select the appropriate  action words. A resume is an essential tool for job search because it offers a page or two where jobseekers can showcase their education, top skills, and qualities. Resumes help employers make hiring decisions and help jobseekers to get their first interview.

In this modern era amongst a competitive market of professional jobs, a resume is usually a basic requirement for moving forward in the interview process. A professionally organized resume will show employers that the candidate is a good fit for the job. Your resume describes your qualifications and what makes you unique. To stand out among other applicants, you need a resume that markets your strengths and matches the job. A good resume grabs the attention of employers and recruiters, sells your strongest skills and accomplishments, shows how you’re a match for a position or project, and most importantly, gets you a job interview!

That's why before searching for a job, learning how to structure your resume and what information you decide to include are essential. In this course, you'll learn why a resume is important and get actionable resume tips that may help you achieve your next career move. Why wait? Secure your dream job and start this free online course today!

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