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Sage One - Bookkeeping and Accounting

Learn how to use the Sage One accounting tool to enter invoices, record payments, and more in this free online course.

Publisher: E-Train London
Bookkeeping is extremely important to the success of a business and modern accounting involves heavy use of tools like Sage One, which makes bookkeeping and accounting very convenient. This free online basic accounting course will teach you how to use the Sage One accounting tool to do common bookkeeping and accounting tasks like entering invoices, credit notes, recording various transaction types, generating and sharing reports and much more.
Sage One - Bookkeeping and Accounting
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This free online course will show you how to use Sage One for common bookkeeping and accounting activities. This Sage One accounting course begins by showing you how to download Sage One and sign up to use the service. It then goes on to demonstrate the process of adding customers and suppliers, making changes to the chart of accounts, entering invoices and credit notes, correcting previous invoice entries and wiping data, if necessary. This part of the course then concludes by demonstrating how to print out or mail invoices and credit notes.

This online accounting course proceeds to show the process of entering a sales receipt in Sage One, as well as the steps involved in reporting payments made to customers. This part of the course also explains how to enter non-invoiced transactions and lists situations where that might occur. It then goes on to explain the process of reconciling accounting and reporting transactions between different accounts. Reporting is the final section of this Sage one course and you will learn the process of generating reports such as the profit and loss report and the remittance advice.

The use of the Sage One application improves the accounting and bookkeeping process and its popularity and wide use in both large and small businesses is due to the user-friendly nature of the software and its efficiency. Proficiency in using Sage is highly relevant in modern accounting and if you are a businessperson looking to improve your accounting skills and output or an accounting student or professional wanting to refine your skills with Sage One, then you should enrol in this bookkeeping course which will take you no more than three short hours to complete.

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