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How to Plan Your Career Path

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How to Plan Your Career Path
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  • Stan Christensen is a partner at Arbor Advisors, an investment banking firm where he negotiates on behalf of mid-market technology companies. He has nearly twenty years of experience in both transactional and operations roles and has worked on hundreds of transactions. In this course he advises doing as much informational interviewing as you can to ensure you pick a career path that you will enjoy and be a good fit for your interests. He says that when you are planning a career not to be overly concerned with a linear path, if you are savvy and wilful you can work your way into most careers. He outlines a few of the erroneous career assumptions that will help you avoid picking the wrong job. You will learn how a career/life balance is important and how a career where you are constantly overworking is unhealthy. Stan Christensen also explains the art of negotiation and relationship management and how to handle salary and job negotiations. He talks about how men and women do indeed negotiate for compensation differently. Finally, he discusses how the negotiations conducted when leaving a job are as critical as when starting one. This course will be of interest to business professionals, students and, indeed, anyone looking for advice on planning their career path.

  • Learning outcomes: - Why you should do as much informational interviewing as you can; - Explain why one shouldn’t be overly concerned with a linear path when planning a career; - Learn about the erroneous career assumptions that land workers in an ill-fitting career; - How career life/balance is important as an overbearing career is unhealthy; - Learn about the art of negotiation and relationship management; - How to conduct effective salary negotiations and other tips on job negotiations; - How men and women negotiate for compensation differently; - Why the last impression you make in a job is even more critical than the first;

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