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Fundamentals of Digital Circuits and Systems

Study the fundamentals of logic design and terminologies used in digital circuit systems in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Start this free online course today to improve your knowledge of digital circuits. Begin with the history of circuits and systems to understand their basic building blocks. Study Boolean theorems, terminologies and the use of Verilog (also known as IEEE 1364, a hardware description language or HDL) in digital circuit design. Then go on to explore the concept of ‘universality’ as well as the application and minimization of Karnaugh or K maps.
Fundamentals of Digital Circuits and Systems
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Fundamentals of Digital Circuits and Systems is a free online course that begins by introducing you to the history of digital systems and compares them to analog systems, as well grounding you in the core building blocks of digital circuit design. This course will also introduce you to basic Boolean theorems, as well as their application in logic functions. You will learn about the various definitions and terminologies used in digital circuits and get a foundational introduction to binary numbers.

The course then explains minterm and maxterm solutions, as well as the basic conversions between them. You will also learn about conversions between the sum of product and product of sum forms. Understand Verilog as a hardware description language (HDL), the various levels of abstraction in circuit design as well as Verilog's design representation. The concept of universality and its importance in the design of a circuit will also be covered.

Furthermore, you will get familiar with the applications of Karnaugh maps (K maps) in Boolean representations, learn about how equations are represented to show less complexity using K maps, as well as the minimization of K maps in the presence of conditions. This free online course will be of great interest to anyone with an interest in fundamentals of digital circuits and systems. Register now and start your next learning journey today.

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