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Diploma in Digital Circuits and Systems

A free online course on the logical design and implementation of digital circuits and number systems.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course teaches you about the building blocks used in the design and construction of digital circuits. You will learn about the minimization of logical expressions using the design of combinational and sequential circuits. You will also be able to explain the application of number systems, as well as building algorithms in Verilog, a hardware description language (HDL).
Diploma in Digital Circuits and Systems
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    10-15 Hours
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Digital circuits and systems is a free online course that begins by introducing you to the basic building blocks in the design and construction of digital circuits. The course will also introduce you to the terminologies used and basic Boolean theorems, as well as the universality of logic gates. You will also learn about combinational circuits and the process of designing a digital circuit. The minimization of logical expressions, as well as a brief introduction to Verilog, will be covered in this course.

The material then explains the basic sequential elements, as well as latches and flip-flops as building blocks in sequential circuits. You will learn about assignment statements and instantiation, as well as the basis of building a hierarchical design. This course will teach you about the importance of complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS), as well as give you a brief description of a transistor. Verilog style mixing and an introduction to finite state machines will also be analysed in this course.

Furthermore, you will get familiar with the design and implementation of the greatest common divisor (GCD) algorithm, as well as its translation to Verilog for communication with hardware. You will learn about the instantiation of a controller and data path, as well as the connection between the elements with an interface description. This free online course will be of great benefit to IT students, researchers and anyone with an interest in digital circuits and systems. You can start learning about digital circuits and number systems today.

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