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Advanced Diploma in Computer Networks and Internet Protocol

In this free online IP training course, learn about the layers and protocols involved in TCP/IP protocol stack.

Publisher: NPTEL
In this free online TCP/IP course, learn about computer networks and internet protocols; the various layers in the TCP/IP protocol stack, the working principles of network security, and how you can program the network. Boost your computer engineering knowledge and skills by studying this comprehensive course. For anyone working in computer engineering, this course is an excellent way to really improve your abilities.
Advanced Diploma in Computer Networks and Internet Protocol
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    20-30 Hours
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In this free online internet protocol course, you are introduced to the world of computer networks and internet protocols. You will explore how two computers in a network talk to each other, as well as the basic functionalities of computer networks and how to go about network programming. Demonstrations, problems, examples, and assessment questions in this instructor-led video-based course, are designed to provide you with a comprehensive foundation, which will enable you to take serious steps into this career.

The course begins by introducing you to the history and fundamentals of computer networks. Then the key components of network security architecture will be discussed to help you understand how computers talk to each other. You will explore the cross-layer protocols, which are different for each layer, some of which are connection-oriented and some connectionless.

The online ip training course includes topics on network protocols, file transfer, sliding window protocols, performance, socket programming, IP routing, user datagram protocol, internet QoS, Ethernet, and more. This course will be of interest to computer engineering students, networking and programming professionals, or those looking to enhance their career prospects in the computer networking industry. Start this course here today.

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