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Design and Analysis of Digital Circuits

This free online course on the design and analysis of digital circuit systems, as well as the flow diagram of circuits.

Publisher: NPTEL
Focus on the building blocks for combinational systems, and the design and analysis of digital circuits, in this free online course. You will learn about the design process and flow diagrams of circuits as well as about sequential elements and assignment statements. Start this course today to study the design and analysis of digital circuits.
Design and Analysis of Digital Circuits
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Design and analysis of digital circuits is a free online course that discusses the application and building blocks for combinational circuits. The course introduces you to the practical application of a multiplexer (MUX), as well as its structure and symbolic representation. You will also learn about the similarities and conversations between multiplexers and decoders. Shannon's expansion theorem, as well as a brief introduction to demultiplexers, will also be covered.

The material then explains the design process and the diagram flow of a digital circuit, as well as the step-by-step process of writing Verilog codes. You will study basic sequential elements, as well as the differences between the combinational circuit block and the sequential circuit block. The concepts, types, applications, structures and truth table representation of types of gated latches will also be explained.

Furthermore, you will get familiar with the types of flip-flop and learn about the instantiation of a controller and data path, as well as the relevance of assignment statements. You will also examine the structure, as well as the application of registers, in the design of sequential circuits. This free online course will be of great use to anyone with an interest in the design and analysis of digital circuits. So, register now and start your next learning journey today.

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