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Diploma in Implementing Customer Care in Management

Learn how businesses can improve their customer care services with this free online management course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course suits small business owners or anyone pursuing a career in customer relations management (CRM). We explore strategies to help you build better relationships with both local and international customers. We explain how to manage customers who leave and how to recover from service failures. We delve into the opportunities and challenges presented by electronic CRM and cultural diversity to help you get ahead and stay there.
Diploma in Implementing Customer Care in Management
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Successful brands like Google invest heavily in customer care services because they value customers' feedback and really care about the quality of their services. Moreover, when customers feel valued by a company, they tend to be more loyal, which in turn boosts profit. For a business to strategically manage customer relationships, it requires a worthwhile customer care service. This course teaches you how organizations can effectively manage their customers and get the best results from their customer care service. We begin by demonstrating how a business can decide how much money to spend on customer acquisition and retention. We lay out the influence of customer-perceived value and satisfaction in establishing customer loyalty in business-to-consumer (B2C) markets. The course also illustrates the crucial role of relationship marketing in the B2C service market. We break down the steps in managing customers who choose to leave a business and discuss how organizations can successfully recover from service failures.

The course then lays out a conceptual model for an aggregator business and presents a research study illustrating the impact of actual service provider failures on consumer satisfaction. We study the unique behaviour of business-to-business (B2B) markets and the stages of the B2B buying process, in which customer relationship management is just as important as it is in B2C markets. The course navigates key CRM strategies that can be utilized to manage customer value and loyalty in B2B markets. We address ‘construal-level theory’, which deals with prediction, evaluation and decision-making and drives consumer behaviour. We help you appreciate the influence of brand loyalty and the impact of construal-level theory in customer relationship management of B2B markets. The internet has become a critical tool used by almost every business to effectively manage customers. The course breaks down the structure of online or internet-based CRM as you learn the importance and core modules of data warehouses in electronic customer relationship management (eCRM). We then explain how cultural diversity influences customer relationship management and conclude with analysis of global account management for organizations with foreign customers.

Effective CRM needs to be strategic and this course provides effective methods to improve customer relations in the B2C, B2B and global market. We show you a conceptual framework of global customer relationship management and how to implement CRM across borders. This course boosts those looking to work in customer relations or anyone looking to drive their businesses to new heights. Good business is built on customer loyalty and we offer you the tools with which to build a solid foundation.

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