If you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing. This is the mindset adopted by many successful leaders and businesses. It is this approach to learning and development that builds a strong workforce – the backbone of any organisation. Learning is a lifelong process that begins when an employee joins a company and continues throughout their tenure in the organisation. in this article, we’re discussing how LMSs can improve the employee onboarding process.

Why use an LMS to onboard new employees

Onboarding” is the process where new employees are integrated into the company. The new hires are taken through an orientation process where they learn about the business, its culture, values, mission, and organisational structure. A learning management system (LMS) is a new, improved, and innovative way to onboard new employees. Some of the benefits of using an LMS to train new employees are listed below:

  • Employees can access the e-learning library on their own time
  • An LMS allows you to monitor how much learning employees have gone through and still need to learn
  • Video tutorials mean the new members can view them multiple times
  • New employees benefit from the mobile-friendly features LMS offers

How an LMS can help you streamline new employee onboarding

Training is a big and necessary aspect of employee onboarding. Below we outline how an LMS like the one available on Alison can help you streamline your employee onboarding process.

  • Standardise the knowledge shared among all employees. One of the key advantages of an online LMS is that it ensures that members across all departments, regardless of where they are based, receive the same information and quality of training.
  • Improves cost-effectiveness of onboarding. An LMS can be a cost-effective way to onboard employees. This is because of the costs saved in paying for instructor fees, venue hire, transportation, and days lost being away from the office to undergo the necessary training.
  • Manage all training centrally. Training is a necessity for current and new employees because it’s a big component of their professional growth. An LMS allows you to centrally manage all your organisation’s training, upload updated content, courses and ensure that these are accessible company-wide
  • Improve onboarding scalability. Whether you’re onboarding one, five, or 10 employees, an LMS system to onboard employees remains the same. With this, you don’t have to change the contents or delivery and it can be presented to all participants in one setting.
  • Monitor your employee’s progress. An LMS also allows you to monitor the progress and development of new members. It also means you can assess their level of competency in specific skill areas and then provide guidance and instruction on how to help them improve their performance.
  • Automate tasks. The onboarding process is comprised of large volumes of documents that are time-consuming in both creating, organising and distributing them. With an LMS, you can automate the process with notifications, setting up calendars, and emails to ensure the new staff stay on top of their training and meet all the set deadlines.
  • Make feedback simple. Because you’re able to track employee progress using the LMS, you can provide feedback and lay out a plan to improve and bridge the skill gap evident in your new hires.
  • Allow personalisation. LMSs are designed for each user to have individual profiles. With this, you can tailor the learning paths to meet their specific needs and skills shortage areas. Additionally, through personalised LMSs, you can create different paths for business-wide onboarding and specialised courses for various positions.
  • Smooth remote onboarding. An online LMS system allows users to access the learning modules remotely and thus, reduces the necessity of downloading and installing software. Its flexibility and convenience give a way for you to train all new employees simultaneously.
  • Maximise new employee engagement while going through onboarding. An engaged workforce is a strong workforce, and you want to cultivate an engaged workforce from the first day. Using an LMS as an onboarding process can be immersive, inspiring, and exciting, with rich and visually appealing content. This will keep new recruits actively engaged with the material, a good start to their tenure at your organisation.

These are just some of the many ways LMSs can make your onboarding process more streamlined and thus more effective.

Would you like to empower your employees for free?

Alison’s free learning management system (LMS) can help empower your new employees and keep the older staff included in the learning, skills, and development processes. It allows you to create individual learning paths from its over 4000+ courses across a wide range of subjects and industries. Alison’s LMS is quick and simple. You can sign up:

  • An unlimited number of team members
  • Enjoy its quick and easy set-up time
  • Aggregate and individual reporting: set up your group’s training progress with a choice of daily, weekly, or monthly reports, you can keep track of the academic progress your team makes.

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